Kent is UK’s most dangerous region to drive with almost 4,000 casualties in four years

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The South-East is regarded as the most dangerous part of the country with three out of the five local authority areas recording the highest numbers of casualties. Kent recorded the highest number of between 2015 and 2019 with a total of 3,844 casualties over four years.

Essex was the second most dangerous with 3,770 followed by Hampshire’s 3,561, Surrey’s 3,445 and Lancashire with 3,375.

West Sussex, Lincolnshire, Birmingham, Norfolk and Hertfordshire followed with each area recording over 2,000 casualties.

Uswitch analysis revealed that the majority of incidents involved people between 24 and 55 years old.

Almost half of the total casualties fell within this crucial age range in a major shock to adult drivers.

The fresh data also highlighted a slight gender gap with seven out of ten incidents involving a man.

In contrast, women were found to be involved with just 31 percent of the total casualties on Uk roads.

USwitch found that over half of serious accidents involved a driver travelling speeds of between just 21 and 30mph.

Meanwhile, T-junctions were found to be dangerous hotspots with 37,133 deaths or serious injuries over the past five years.

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Florence Codjoe, car insurance expert at USwitch, said drivers should “always keep in mind” their road safety at all times while behind the wheel.

She warned that winter weather conditions can “reduce your grip” meaning it was crucial drivers stayed aware.

She said: “With tens of thousands of people killed or seriously injured each year in traffic accidents, road safety is something drivers should always keep in mind, wherever they are.

“And as weather conditions get worse moving into winter, drivers need to be even more conscious of their surroundings.

“Rain and snow on the road can reduce your grip and increase stopping distances, while the darker days can impact your visibility while driving.

“It’s vital drivers remain aware, even with fewer cars on the road than usual.”

Scotland and Wales were found to have some of the safest roads in the UK with eight out of the local authorities recording the fewest number of casualties.

Clackmannanshire in Scotland recorded just 61 casualties between 2015 and 2019 making it the safest place to drive in the UK.

Drivers in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales had just 71 accidents followed by East Dunbartonshire in Scotland with 79.

Torfaen in Wales has 82 casualties with Blaenau Gwent recording 83 incidents.

English towns were represented twice on the list with Bracknell Forest in sixth recording 131 incidents.

The North East twin of Hartlepool was eighth with 148 casualties recorded on the region’s roads.

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