Juiced Bikes Guarantees Fire Safety With UL-Certification For All E-Bikes

Electric bicycles are rapidly reshaping the way people look at urban mobility in multiple parts of the world. No matter where in the world you look, it’s generally agreed upon that e-bikes are effective means of urban mobility, with a lot of local governments rolling out legislation in support of e-bikes. However, this isn’t to say that e-bikes aren’t without their issues.

Among the issues surrounding the widespread adoption of e-bikes is the risk of fire. While there have been only a few cases of fires pertaining to e-bikes, these fires tend to be difficult to extinguish and spread quickly due to the materials found in e-bike batteries, as well as the fact that most e-bikes are used in the densely populated urban setting. This is precisely why New York City previously rolled out regulations requiring all e-bikes to be UL-certified for both the batteries and the powertrains in order to add a layer of protection against e-bike fires.

A lot of bike manufacturers have swiftly taken action regarding the matter, and the latest of which is popular e-bike brand Juiced. Juiced Bikes has a wide selection of e-bikes in its roster, some of which we’ve talked about in the past. With that, the brand has announced that all its current e-bikes are certified to UL 2849 and UL 2271 standards, and cites that these two certifications are the highest standards when it comes to battery and overall e-bike safety.

Tora Harris, the CEO and Founder of Juiced Bikes stated that a staggering number of e-bikes sold in the US aren’t UL certified, and that Juiced Bikes guarantees the quality and safety of its products by acquiring these certifications. “It’s estimated that fewer than five percent of e-bike brands currently sold in the US are certified to UL 2849 standards. Juiced is proud of our strong commitment to rider safety, and we’re determined to meet these crucial safety certifications for all future models.”

Juiced Bikes has been in the business for nearly 15 years now, and its current models consisting of the RipCurrent S, RipCurrent, RipRacer, and CrossCurrent X are all certified to the latest standards. Diving into the specifics, the UL 2849 standard addresses the entire electrical system of the electric bicycle, covering the motor, wiring, controller, and of course, the battery. Meanwhile, UL 2771 is meant specifically for batteries used in light electric vehicles.

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