Jeep Comanche Meets The Gladiator In Off-Road Showdown

Old school versus new school.

If you’ve ever watched the How I Met Your Mother sitcom, you are probably familiar with the phrase “new is always better.” This is what one of the main characters in the series, Barney Stinson, told his best friend, Ted Mosby, referring to his theory that new people, new places, new music, new everything is just better.

But is that applicable to vehicles as well? Well, generally speaking, auto enthusiasts are divided into two groups – people who like new cars and people who like classics. Both groups have their valid arguments and we are not going to dive into who’s right and who’s not. We’ll just share a pretty interesting video with you that puts against each other a modern and a classic off-roaders.

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Part of The Fast Lane Truck’s Cheap Jeep Pickup Challenge series, the 17:48-minute clip is basically a comparison between the off-road skills of a 30-year-old Jeep Comanche Pioneer and a brand new Gladiator. The Comanche was a truck version of the Cherokee XJ produced between 1986 and 1992 in RWD and AWD configurations. It’s essentially the spiritual predecessor of the new Gladiator according to many, so this duel makes a lot of sense.

For this video, The Fast Lane Truck team got a Gladiator Rubicon with all the off-road goodies you can think of – disconnectable sway bars, locking differentials on both axles, and special tires. Against it, the Comanche puts to use its factory open differentials plus aftermarket suspension, BF Goodrich 33×10.5 R15 tires, and others. Thеse specifications put both machines in a good starting position for this off-road duel.

Of course, many other factors play an important role in such comparisons. Dimensions, powertrain, and departure and approach angles – all these give the two vehicles advantages and disadvantages. The video at the top of this page is really interesting and takes all these factors into account. Still not sure whether to go all-new or vintage? Make sure to watch the video and decide for yourself.

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