‘I’ve been a mechanic for years – I’d never buy a car from two European brands’

Automotive expert Scotty Kilmer has warned drivers to avoid buying cars made by certain European brands. The famous mechanic posts videos to his YouTube and TikTok pages regularly, giving advice on buying and maintaining vehicles.

In one of his videos, Scotty gives his opinions on European car brands, with some getting a lot more praise than others. He listed a number he would buy a car from.

He said: “Number one would be Volvo, even though they are owned by a Chinese company. They’re still solid-built vehicles that can last.

“Number two is Volkswagen, which of course also owns Porsche and Audi. Sure, they’re not as reliable as the old Volkswagen Beetle but they can be decent cars in the short run.”

Building its first car in 1927, Volvo quickly gained a reputation for making safe and reliable cars. Scotty went on: “Number three is Mercedes-Benz. Sure, they got their butts kicked by Lexus but they’re more dependable than BMW.”

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However, Scotty noted that some brands that were previously well-known for building premium models no longer have a good reputation.

He added: “BMW, they are fun to drive but the BMW logo most people say stands for ‘Big Money Wasted’.

“And last on the list is Jaguar Land-Rover, they’re one company. If you like spending money on expensive cars and super expensive repairs get yourself a Jaguar.”

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With over 149,400 views and 12,600 likes, many drivers have thanked Scotty for his car buying advice.

One commenter wrote: “After buying a Volvo, it’ll take a lot of convincing to get me into another brand. This thing is an unbreakable beast.”

Another joked: “Sometimes I wonder if he is conducting an orchestra with all those hand movements.”

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