In Q1 2020, Nissan Sold Close To 2,000 LEAFs In U.S.

Nissan LEAF noted a noticeable sales drop during the first quarter, but the times are really challenging.

Nissan, as one of the first to announce its sales results in the U.S. market, which since this year are released on a quarterly basis, notes a decline in LEAF sales.

Nissan LEAF, the only electric model in the Japanese brand lineup in North America, noted 1,958 sales – that’s 27.1% less than a year ago (2,685).

A quick look at the quarterly sales chart below indicates that the downward trend continues.

Nissan LEAF sales in the U.S. through Q1 2020

The LEAF sales account for about 2.1% of total Nissan passenger car sales in the U.S. during Q1 2020.

Since the Nissan brand’s overall sales decreased by 30.0% year-over-year (to 232,048), and in the case of passenger cars, by 37.5% (to 92,081), the LEAF actually outperforms the average.

Hopefully, Nissan will find a way up later this year – after the COVID-19 outbreak at least.

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