‘I’m a motor expert and these are my favourite hidden car functions’

An automotive influencer has revealed the most important hidden features that every driver should know to get the most out of their car.

The TikTok user @dashishuoche regularly posts short videos offering viewers tips on the use and purchase of cars.

In one of his most popular videos, @dashishuoche tells drivers about the hidden features in their new car that needs to be set up before use, including a security feature for those who often drive alone.

He said: “We are in the settings of the central control screen. Locate the door and window switches, there is a door setting inside. We set it to [unlock] a single door.

“After setting, when we press the unlock button again only the main driver’s door can be opened, no other doors can be opened.”

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In addition, @dashishuoche showed drivers how they can set the vehicle’s central locking system to activate automatically after driving off.

He explained: “Find this lock button on the door, press and hold for ten seconds. When you hear a beep the automatic lock function is set.

“Later, when your speed exceeds 20kph (12mph) the vehicle will automatically lock.”

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Furthermore, @dashishuoche noted that drivers can also save some hassle when parking by setting their door mirrors to automatically dip when the reverse gear is selected.

He added: “Align the switch of the rearview mirror with R, then put [the car] into reverse. Then adjust the rearview mirror to just the position where you can see the rear tires.

“The rearview mirror auto-down function is set. In the future, as long as you select the reverse gear the rearview mirror will automatically turn down.”

Other functions that are explained in the video include how to stop items from being trapped in electric windows as they close, and how to automatically close the windows and sunroof with the key fob.

Of course, not all new cars will include all the features shown in @dashishuoche’s video, and some of the controls may be found in different locations.

Drivers who are interested in knowing if their car has these functions should read their owners’ handbook, which outlines detailed information about the specific model they drive.

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