Hyundai Teases Ioniq 7 Large Electric SUV, the Big Bro to the Ioniq 5

We haven’t seen much, or even most, of the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 7 large electric SUV, which we expect the Korean brand to fully unveil in the next year or so. What we’ve seen of it, though, we like, mainly because its design appears to be vastly different from its smaller Ioniq 5 kin. Many automakers adopt an overall brand design that’s scaled up or down to suit the individual models (that’s fine—it’s a strong way to develop a visual connection that helps associate the entry-level models with the fancy, desirable ones), but Hyundai is going its own way with its Ioniq line of EVs, both in terms of style and how its models relate to one another.

There’s enough aesthetic commonality in the vast majority of Hyundai models on sale right now to immediately peg these machines as Hyundais, so the scheme is working. But its battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are a different story, and the automaker is experimenting with how much styling differentiation its current and future Ioniq models receive.

The Ioniq 7, from what we can see, fits into the Ioniq 5 mold, but it is no scaled-up version of its smaller counterpart. For one, its full-width upper light bar hints at the Ioniq 5’s thin horizontal faux grille. At the same time, the Ioniq 7 avoids replicating the 5’s quad headlights. The 7’s lower lamps (whether these are running lamps or headlights isn’t clear) adopt a blockish hook shape studded with dotted elements. The 5 doesn’t have anything like this. And the 7’s hood appears more rounded, as does its roofline, which appears to terminate in a sharp, flat Kammback, perhaps with high-mounted taillamps.

Like other Hyundai models in its class, the Ioniq 7 will adopt some broad similarities (the horizontal grille, the blocky shape, the rounded leading edge of the hood) with its similarly sized stablemates. Of course, a lot of the Ioniq 7’s exterior remains unseen. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this electric people mover soon.

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