Hyundai Notes Electric Car Sales Dip In August 2020

We did not expect it. Shouldn’t the EV sales actually grow, especially thanks to demand in Europe?

After a strong June and July, Hyundai has surprised in August with just 4,106 plug-in electric car sales (down nearly 30% year-over-year).

Not only plug-ins were selling worse. The overall Hyundai sales went down by 20.7% to 106,232, but because the drop was lower, the plug-in share is lower than a year ago (3.9% vs 4.4%).

We are not sure why Hyundai is going backward, but hopefully, it will gradually return to growth in the fall, especially if the company will introduce the EV version of the new Kona.

Hyundai plug-in electric car sales – August 2020

Sales by powertrain type:

The main focus is on BEVs:

Model results

The Kona Electric remains the dominant model in the lineup:

The hydrogen fuel-cell model — NEXO — noted 681 sales (4,762 YTD), mostly in South Korea (675 and 3,987 YTD).

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