Hypermiling tips can help drivers improve fuel consumption by 45%

Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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Hypermiling became one of the most popular driving styles in 2022 as people battled with expensive petrol and diesel costs. David James, sales director at Right Fuel Card, is urging drivers to make use of the five hypermiling tips to help them save money.

Slow and steady

Driving faster creates more drag and resistance on the vehicle which will use more. 

Reducing the speed of the vehicle by 20mph will increase your MPG (miles per gallon) by up to 45 percent, according to the fuel experts.

They highlight how this trick can help drivers save a large amount of fuel every time they drive, and slash the amount of money they spend on petrol and diesel.

Minimise the use of breaks

Mr James said: “Using your brakes less is a popular fuel-saving technique as it maximises your vehicle’s stored momentum and energy. 

“This can be done by thinking ahead and taking your foot off the accelerator in advance, to prevent slamming on your brakes. 

“We do not recommend that you avoid using your brakes completely as this can of course be dangerous. It’s also possible to allow the regenerative braking in an electric vehicle to handle most of the braking for you.”

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Drive defensively

Motorists should anticipate events before they occur when on the road, including a traffic light turning red.

This allows them to drive safely on the road and increases their fuel economy.

It also means they can avoid harsh braking and accelerating by being prepared, further saving fuel.

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Best fuel prices

According to RAC fuel watch, the average price of a litre of petrol is 149.74p, while diesel remains higher at 172.21p.

Last year saw the largest peak in price for petrol and diesel, with some drivers paying more than £100 for a full tank of fuel.

By using tools such as a petrol station finder, they can plan their route in advance, which will help them identify cheaper fuel stations along their journey.

Safety first

Mr James concluded: “Some hypermiling methods, including coasting and idling, can be dangerous, so it’s best to avoid these if you can. 

“It’s vital that businesses ensure that their drivers are properly trained and capable of driving safely before they attempt to use hypermiling techniques.  

“There are several training courses available to well equip your drivers  when adopting these methods.”

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