Hybrid cars are a ‘much better choice’ than EVs – ‘No need to worry about charging points!

Frustrated BBC caller questions value of electric cars

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Research carried out by Euro Car Parts has shown that the UK is nowhere near ready to accommodate electric vehicles. This is despite the fact that the number of charging points has increased by 33 percent across the country.

With that in mind, a motoring expert claimed that hybrid vehicles might be a better choice for now.

Ryan Fulthorpe, motoring expert at GoCompare, exclusively told Express.co.uk: “Hybrid vehicles offer motorists the flexibility of both a combustion engine and also an electric vehicle, so should you be a driver who mixes short journeys with extended trips along the motorway, then hybrid vehicles may be for you.

“Hybrid vehicles are also cheaper to run than a combustion engine, but you don’t compromise on the driving experience.

“And as well as the cost savings, you won’t be trying to Google ‘nearest electric charging point’ as hybrids have the functionality to charge their own batteries.

“And of course, hybrid vehicles are better for the environment.

“Another consideration with a hybrid vehicle is that if you are someone who usually keeps your car for a long time, the manufacturing of hybrid vehicles will cease in 2035, so if you are to buy a hybrid, this could be your last vehicle before turning fully electric.”

British drivers have also recently slammed the idea that electric vehicles are better than hybrid cars after an expert suggested that motorists will regret not buying an EV.

Taking to the comments section, hundreds of Express.co.uk readers questioned the value of electric cars.

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One reader named GBhybrid commented: “Far too many cons with EVs. What is going to replace the fuel and road tax duties? I’m just waiting for the sting!”

Jon joe added: “Hybrids are the answer, my hybrid is brilliant, no worries about having to find a charging point.

“It switches in and out of electric, 50 mpg for an SUV, 400 miles no worries stuck in traffic, switches to electric.”

A third reader named Sir Realist said: “As it stands now, EVs are for well-off people.”

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However, others disagreed.

Quentin Willson, the founder of FairCharge and a former TopGear presenter, has urged drivers to ditch hybrids and make a switch to an EV.

He exclusively told Express.co.uk: “Hybrid cars are not as good as an electric car.

“This is simply because your electric range in real-life driving is between 20-30 miles.

“And the rest of the time you spend using a combustion engine.

“There is that feeling that I’ve always got the engine to back me up if I ran out of electricity but in practice you don’t need that for EVs.

“To be honest, the ranges of EVs are getting so good.

“My car does 270 miles easily on one charge. If I had a hybrid I’d kind of be thinking why didn’t I go for a fully electric car.”

Mr Willson added that choosing an EV over a hybrid is also a much better “financial decision”.

The expert said: “The depreciation on what they call BEVs (battery electric vehicles) is absolutely almost in a negative space.

“I mean I would get what I paid for my car a year ago now because they are so desirable.

“That’s not the case with the hybrids.”

The EV advocate continued: “They are not holding their value as long as electric cars.

“I wouldn’t go for a hybrid unless you are really compromised in terms of charging and there aren’t any charges at all.”

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