How to get rid of condensation inside car windows – 4 tips

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Fogged-up windows first thing in the morning aren’t just annoying but they’re also illegal and can cost you money or penalty points on your driving license. Here are four tips to clean misted windows, and how to avoid them altogether.

There’s nothing quite so annoying as leaving the house in the morning only to get in your car and find all your windows and your windscreen are misted up.

You have to clear condensation on the driver’s side and windscreen before you set off because anything preventing the driver from a clear view of the road is against the law.

Failing to remove condensation could land you a £60 fine, or three penalty points on your driving license.

Why does the inside of your car get so much condensation?

Condensation happens when the temperature inside is colder than the temperature outside.

Overnight, the outside temperature drops to its lowest point, while the inside of the car stays slightly warmer.

When the outside cold air meets the warmer air inside the car, water vapour in the air turns to water, making condensation.

Here’s how to get rid of condensation from inside the car

1 – Turn the air conditioning on

When you get in the car, turn your air conditioning on cool, then turn it up as the condensation clears.

Change the setting on your air conditioning so it’s blowing in the direction of your windscreen.

If your car doesn’t have air conditioning, open the windows for a few minutes to make the inside car temperature match the outside air.

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2 – Keep the inside of your car clean

Any dirt and dust particles on the inside of your car will help to attract moisture.

By keeping the inside of your car clean, you reduce the risk of condensation.

Microfibre cloths are particularly good at removing dust particles from your windows, but if you don’t have any handy, newspaper can also work well.

3 – Make a homemade dehumidifier

One homemade hack suggests filling an old pair of tights with cat litter, and leaving them subtly hidden in your car.

No we’re not joking. The cat litter draws moisture from the air and absorbs it.

If you don’t fancy turning your car into a cat toilet, you can buy a mini dehumidifier for your car: the technology is the same, but without the litter tray associations.

4 – Don’t leave anything damp in the car overnight

If you’ve got a soggy umbrella, a damp coat or a wet towel in the backseat, this will make the car damper and contribute to condensation inside the car.

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