How to defrost your car windscreen without turning your engine on

De-icing: Motorist demonstrates hack to avoid an icy windscreen

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As temperatures plummet, ’tis the season for iced-over windscreens. When you’re in a rush on a wintery morning, having a frosted windscreen is the last thing you need. Here’s how to clear your windscreen quickly and safely without turning your engine on.

It can be all too tempting to turn on your engine and whack your car’s heating up in a bid to de-ice your windscreen.

But leaving your car idling for long periods can damage your car’s engine, particularly if it’s an older car.

Leaving your engine running in an attempt to clear your windscreen isn’t great news for the environment either.

But there are some easy ways to de-ice your windscreen without the need to turn on your engine.

Never use boiling water on frozen glass. In your desperation to get on with your day, this might seem like a tempting option.

But this rapid temperature change can crack or shatter your windscreen.

Even warm water should be avoided, especially if your windscreen already has a chip or scratch.

Adding more water to your windscreen might actually make it harder for you to clear away the ice.

If temperatures are cold enough, the added water could refreeze before you’ve had the chance to clear the ice that’s already there.

Make your own sprays

Ahead of the winter months be sure to stock up on your own homemade de-icing spray.

Simply mix one cup of water with two cups of rubbing alcohol.

If you have an empty spray bottle put the solution into it and then spray the area.

If not, you can simply pour the solution evenly onto your windscreen.

Although chemical deicing sprays may seem like a quick option, these can damage your car’s paintwork and the environment.

Use an ice scraper

This may sound like an obvious choice but sometimes the old ways are the best.

Make sure you buy a proper ice scrapper ahead of the cold weather this winter. You don’t want to have to resort to desperate measures, such as using old CDs and credit cards.

These will be much less effective and could even scratch the glass.

Be sure to clear away any snow first with a soft brush before you attempt to clear away the ice underneath.

Brushing snow away with your bare hands is a bad idea – if you are wearing any jewellery you risk scratching the glass and your hands will likely leave grease marks.

Stop your windscreen from de-frosting in the first place

If wintery conditions have been forecast. It will save you precious time if you take steps to prevent your windscreen from icing over in the first place.

Covering your windscreen before the frost sets in will help to stop ice from forming.

Windscreen covers can be bought from most petrol stations, or you can easily make them yourself.

Simply use a large sheet of cardboard or an old towel soaked in salt water and held in place by your windscreen wipers.

Using a vinegar solution before the frost sets in should help to fight the ice, as vinegar has a lower freezing point than water.

To make the solution mix one part water to two parts white wine vinegar and apply across your windscreen before the temperature drops.

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