How Big Is The Tesla Model Y Mega-Casting? Check It Out Here

Remember, this will become a single part soon.

If the Tesla Model Y teardown had just one purpose, we could say it would be what Sandy Munro now calls mega-casting. The name is more than appropriate: the Canadian engineer already said he has never seen such a huge cast part in the automotive industry before. Seeing it out of the Model Y’s body gives us a proper perspective of how big this is.

The mega-casting can be seen in a video we have already covered, talking about how Munro plans to help Arcimoto be as profitable as possible. Anyway, the Arcimoto was already a lot on that article’s plate, and the cast part was too important just to ignore, so here we are.

If you think this thing is massive, you must remember that Tesla already bought an IDRA OL 5500 CS HPDC machine to make the two major rear castings on the Model Y become one.

As light as this thing may be, we wonder if Tesla also planned a way to transport these parts around the factory and into the assembly lines. If any worker is required to carry one of those things, Tesla will have a lot of medical licenses to handle.

With the mega-casting extracted from the Model Y body, Munro managed to find where the third row of seats will be fixed. Although he does not mention it in the video, he probably confirmed what we have already seen: that the third row will be front-facing, not rear-facing as he suspected.

Something else Munro discovered was that the alloy used to make the mega-casting is not the material most people thought it would be. That information will be part of the report the engineer will sell to Tesla competitors willing to discover what is the secret sauce the American company used. 

With the amount of information this report promises to contain – and even without knowing how much it will cost – we bet it will be a bargain.

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