Honda and Acura Expand Certified Pre-Owned Eligibility to Models Up to a Decade Old

On the hunt for a cheap, 10-year-old Honda Civic or Acura TSX with some peace of mind included? Get off Craigslist, because you just might be in luck, as Honda announced that their dealerships will expand eligibility for certified pre-owned (CPO) Honda and Acura vehicles from six years or newer to allow cars up to a decade old. The program is dubbed HondaTrue Used and Acura Precision Used, and these older cars are not only certified to Honda standards, but also come with warranties, free oil changes, and roadside assistance up to a certain point.

Let’s face it, the current new car market is not good for first time buyers—or, frankly, any buyers—but especially those who are just starting out driving and those who are beginning to build a family and requiring an SUV—you know, the vehicle type in ultra hot demand. Honda plans to alleviate that—to a degree—by widening its offerings of inspected and certified Honda and Acura vehicles by including older models. “Available exclusively at Honda dealerships,” said Honda, “all HondaTrue Used (and Acura Precision Used) vehicles receive a thorough background and quality check that addresses any maintenance needs, including a downloadable checklist detailing the comprehensive 112-point inspection performed by a certified Honda technician.”

A Decade-Old Car With An OEM Warranty

On top of the inspection, eligible used Hondas and Acuras that make the cut also come with a warranty package. On the Honda side, pre-owned models will receive a non-powertrain warranty coverage of 100 days or up to 5,000 total odometer miles as well as a 100 day or up to 5,000 odometer miles powertrain warranty coverage. You also get free complimentary service of SiriusXM radio for three months, your first oil change within 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first), and 12 months or 12,000 miles of emergency roadside assistance. Finally, if you’re unhappy with your pre-owned Honda, you’re able to exchange it within three days or 300 miles for another certified pre-owned Honda of your choice.

If you go for a certified pre-owned Acura, you’ll get six months or up to 7,500 miles on powertrain and non-powertrain warranty coverage as is expected with a more premium model. You also get 12 months or up to 12,000 odometer miles of Acura Care’s Motor Club Benefits that includes emergency roadside assistance. Much like the certified, pre-owned Honda, you’ll also receive three months of SiriusXM and your first oil change for free. However, if you’re unhappy with the Acura you initially choose, you have up to seven days and 300 miles to exchange for another certified pre-owned Acura.

Honda’s Original CPO Programs Still Exist

These two new programs run alongside their current certified pre-owned programs for both Honda and Acura. Honda CPOs have two additional levels of programs under their HondaTrue Certified and HondaTrue Certified Plus programs. The Certified program has two different non-powertrain coverages, depending on if they are still within their new vehicle limited warranty or not. Those vehicles that are outside of their warranty, it’s 12 months or up to 12,000 miles. For vehicles within their warranty window, it’s 48 months or up to 48,000 miles. However, whether coming with a new vehicle warranty or not, the powertrain is covered for seven years or up to 100,000 miles. You’ll also get three months of free SiriusXM radio, Honda Care during the non-powertrain warranty period, and two free oil changes within 12 months or up to 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). Finally, you’ll get the three day or 300 miles to exchange for another HondaTrue CPO vehicle.

The Certified Plus Program has non-powertrain coverage for 60 months or up to 86,000 miles and powertrain coverage for seven years or up to 100,000 miles. You’ll get the same complimentary services as the HondaTrue Certified program, including the three months of SiriusXM, two free oil changes, and three day or 300 miles exchange for another HondaTrue CPO.

Acura has only one additional CPO program for cars under 10 years old with the Acura Precision Certified program that’s designed for cars up to six years old. These younger cars get 24 months and up to 100,000 miles of non-powertrain warranty but get a seven-year and up to 100,000-mile powertrain warranty. Up to 24 months or up to 100,000 miles, owners get complimentary Acura Care Motor Club benefits including roadside assistance. For three months of ownership, Acura Precision Certified vehicles get three months of SiriusXM Radio and AcuraLink for free along with their first scheduled maintenance service free of charge. Finally, Acura Precision Certified vehicle purchasers get up to seven days or up to 300 miles to exchange theirs for another CPO Acura vehicle.

With the new car market out-pricing new owners, a used car is going to be their best bet at getting some new wheels. There are few cars that still feel new, even a decade out, and you’re never going to go wrong in choosing a Honda or Acura—especially if it comes certified and with a warranty.

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