Honda accelerates research into solid-state batteries, hopes to deploy the revolutionary cells after 2025 –

Earlier today, Honda revealed an ambitious roadmap to introduce 30 fully electric models globally by 2030, funnelling around 8 trillion yen (or 62.5% of its budget) to develop these EVs and the accompanying software technologies.

At the same time, the company also announced that it will further accelerate its independent research and development into solid-state batteries. Honda has already set aside 43 billion yen (RM1.45 billion) to build a demonstration line, with the goal to make it operational by 2024. The automaker hopes that its solid-state battery technology will be ready for mass deployment after 2025.

Also planned for the second half of this decade is the introduction of what Honda calls “the best EVs from a global perspective,” including two sports car models. One will be a specialty model, and the other a flagship model. Could one of these be the successor to the NSX?

Separately, Nissan also teamed up with NASA and the University of California San Diego to develop solid-state batteries, which it believes will be ‘game-changing’. It will halve the size of lithium-based batteries while making no compromises to range. It also takes just 15 minutes for a full charge, instead of the hours needed for EVs today.

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