Homeowners without driveways have ‘no choice’ but to pay higher tax in ‘two-tier system’

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Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at AA said the Government risks creating a system where as many as 30 percent of homeowners could “struggle”.He said this could create a “two-tier system” which could deter people from making the switch.

He said: “For most drivers, the opportunity to charge an EV in their garage, on their driveway or in a dedicated parking space offers cheaper running costs.

“However, for the 30 percent of homeowners with no access to dedicated off-street parking or workplace charging, they have no choice but to pay the rates set on the public charging network.

“On the road to electrification, we cannot allow one group of drivers to benefit while others struggle.

“In effect, [this creates] a two-tier system of have and have-nots.

“An independent body overseeing the fees being charged on the public network would help reassure drivers that they are paying a fair price.

“Rather than focusing on tying manufacturers up in red tape to meet EV sales targets, we need to improve the incentives offered to consumers to buy electric vehicles.

“Scrapping VAT would be the most influential policy to help spark the electric revolution.”

His comments come after a new report from the Transport Committee warns drivers charging at home pays just five percent VAT.

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In comparison, those charging on the public network will pay around 20 percent VAT to top up their vehicles.

The Transport Committee has warned the Government “must protect the consumer from excessive charges” when topping up in public.

The Committee warned some 30 percent of households do not have access to off-street parking and are set to face high rates.

The Energy Saving Trust has argued local authorities should consider the Government’s new proposed building regulations.

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