Here's What It's Like to Daily Drive a Plymouth Prowler

Yuri Tereshyn—one half of the automotive YouTube channel TheStraightPipes—is unique. Because, for whatever reason, his dream car was a Plymouth Prowler. Now, following the success of his channel, Tereshyn actually bought one and has been driving it for a few months.

The result is what is almost certainly the most detailed Prowler review to be published in 2019. In it, Tereshyn breaks down the pros and cons of life with a Prowler. And because Jakub—the other half of TheStraightPipes—owns a first-generation Ford F-150 Raptor, this video here includes a drag race between the Prowler and a pickup truck with a 6.2-liter V-8.

The Prowler easily wins that race. According to the YouTubers, it’s actually faster and more fun to drive than you might expect from a 1999 Plymouth. The Prowler’s also fun to own, drawing constant attention over 20 years after its introduction.

Of course, those looks come with some sacrifices. The mirrors don’t extend past the wheels, making it hard to line up your parking. Visibility with the top up is terrible for tall people, while cargo space is essentially nonexistent. Should the weather take a nasty turn, it’s also important to know that basically every Prowler leaks.

Surprisingly, Yuri also reports that the Prowler isn’t as comfortable as you might expect a big pseudo-muscle car from Detroit to be. The weird shape also doesn’t give you a lot of room to work on the car, though so far Yuri’s has been mostly reliable.

As a whole, Tereshyn’s satisfied with his Prowler. It looks absurd, drives well, and gets constant attention. Plus, it’ll beat a Raptor in a drag race.

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