Halo Warthog Vs Twin-Turbo DeLorean Is A Very Strange Drag Race

Folks, this is a drag race you’ll never see again. How sure are we about that? For starters, one of the vehicles doesn’t exist in real life. As for the other, you usually see it in a parade of movie cars or, if you’re lucky, at an auto show. On the extremely rare occasion you see one on the street, it won’t be anywhere near as fast as this one.

The vehicles in question are a classic DeLorean and the Warthog from Halo. For those not familiar with the expansive Halo video game franchise, the Warthog is a fictional military-grade off-road assault machine. This replica was built by Hoonigan using a highly modified version of an existing rock crawler chassis. Pretty much everything else was custom fabricated, right down to the red fuel cans mounted on the back. It’s an epic build, and to make sure it has epic performance, it packs a twin-turbocharged Ford V8 that sends 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts) to the wheels. This isn’t some comic store movie prop.

For that matter, neither is the Warthog’s famous competition. We’re used to seeing DeLoreans in some measure of Back To The Future dress, but behind the flux capacitor is usually a mild-mannered Peugeot V6 good for 130 hp (97 kW). This particular DeLorean looks refreshingly stock, but beneath the engine cover is a twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 borrowed from a Kia Stinger, connected to a Porsche transaxle. That alone would be a wonderful upgrade, but the engine is further massaged to make 487 hp (363 kW) at the wheels. According to the video, it’s the fastest DeLorean in the world.

As such, it can easily exceed the time-travel threshold of 88 mph, but the bigger question here is whether it can exceed the Warthog. Indeed, the off-roader holds all the advantages for this drag race, with one very notable exception. It has more than double the DeLorean’s power, but at 6,500 pounds versus 2,725, it also carries double the weight. Also, those tires are made for clawing through dirt, not gripping pavement.

That’s why the first heads-up race easily goes to the DeLorean. Power is nothing if you can’t use it, and the Warthog used its power to mercilessly smoke the rear tires through most of the first run. It was also in two-wheel drive, a move that was rectified for the second race. The Warthog also received a starting line advantage for round two, and with those changes, it easily defeated the DeLorean.

As for the third race? We’ll just say it’s one of the closest Hoonigan races we’ve ever seen. But with two iconic machines such as these, it’s safe to say there are no losers this time around.


Hoonigan via YouTube

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