Greenworks Branches Out From Power Tools To Electric Bikes And Scooters

For many folks, the Greenworks brand is considered a staple in their everyday lives. The company has gained popularity among homemakers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts thanks to its wide selection of power tools—both corded and battery powered. With distribution across majority of Europe and the U.S., Greenworks is able to sell its products at a competitive price tag thanks to sourcing production in Changzhou, China. 

In an interesting turn of events, it appears that Greenworks looks to go beyond the realm of literal utility, and transform itself into a lifestyle brand. At the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada, the company unveiled more than a dozen new products, all of which leveraging the advancements in battery technology. Among the new products is a range of electric scooters and electric bicycles. 

More specifically, the new electric scooter makes use of existing Greenworks battery technology, making it incredibly easy to swap out batteries for added range. In fact, the battery used in the new scooter is the same 24V unit found in over 100 Greenworks power tools. In terms of styling, there really isn’t much that sets it apart from its competitors, but the fact that it uses a battery that’s readily and commercially available is certainly a plus. 

As for the electric bikes, there are a total of three models to choose from. There are two all-terrain electric bikes, one with 20-inch wheels, and the other with standard 26-inch wheels. The latter takes the form of a mountain bike-style two-wheeler, whereas the former is more of a neo-retro two-wheeler, a la Super 73. The third model is ideal for folks who have no intention of going off-road, and it’s simply called the commuter. It rolls on 27.5-inch wheels, and is decked out with a rear luggage rack, fenders, and built-in illumination. 

Apart from the new e-mobility products, Greenworks has also launched a new electric home power station called the “Life. Power. Hub.” The home energy system is essentially a gigantic battery that can store energy from the grid or other power generation solutions such as solar panels, as well as wind and hydro power, if you have the infrastructure to have these devices in your home. To complement the power hub, Greenworks also launched a slew of intelligent home appliances such as a self-cleaning vacuum and mop, a robotic lawnmower, and even a UTV. 

As of this writing, Greenworks has yet to announce pricing for its new electric scooter and e-bike range. For more information about Greenworks’ upcoming products, be sure to visit their official website linked in the sources below.

Sources: Electrek, Greenworks CES 2023 Collection

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