Greenger Introduces The Saddleback Electric Balance Bike For Kids

Few things are as exciting as memorable as getting your first bike. I’m sure all of us remember our very first bike when we were kids, and now that a lot of us have our own kids, getting them on two wheels is surely one of the most exciting things of parenthood. This Christmas, you can do just that with Greenger’s new electric balance bike for kids.

The Saddleback is the newest electric two-wheeler to roll out of Greenger’s assembly line, and it’s designed specifically to give the youngsters their first taste of the two-wheeled lifestyle. Electric motor notwithstanding, balance bikes have pretty much revolutionized the way youngsters learn how to ride. Instead of overwhelming them with working pedals and brakes, balance bikes focus solely on balance, allowing kids to keep their feet on the floor as they learn the fundamentals of balancing.

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