GreenFlag warns car breakdowns are expected to ‘increase’ as drivers head on staycations

AA share their top three car maintenance tips

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Last week, the breakdown provider said it was expecting to see an average of 17 breakdown per minute as more drivers made trips. This was a 20 percent increase when compared to normal breakdown rates.

The experts warn drivers could face a “wide range of problems” when driving in warmer weather on summer staycation trips.

This can vary from increased stress levels to extra demands on the vehicle due to the heat.

However, Steve Johnson, Automotive Technical Engineer at Green Flag said most of the problems “could be avoided” if drives made simple precautions before setting off.

He said: “The recent sunny weather has arrived at the perfect time with the lifting of restrictions and the start of summer holidays, so we expect to see people making the most of this opportunity.

“Whether it’s short or long distances to enjoy a well-deserved break in the sun, we want to ensure all drivers feel prepared for the challenges faced when driving in warmer weather this summer.

“Especially following our predictions of increased volumes of expected breakdowns in the coming weeks.

“Most of the problems drivers encounter on the road can be avoided if the correct precautions and checks are made before a long journey.”

Before heading off on summer trips, GreenFlag has urged road users to check their tyres.

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They warn higher temperatures and a heavier vehicle will have tyres at a larger risk of suffering a blowout.

GreenFlag says a common cause of engine overheating on low trips is low coolant issues.

They said it was important drivers try to avoid this by filling coolant between the minimum and maximum marks on the bottle.

Drivers have also been urged to check their oil levels and to not overload the vehicle as this could put pressure on key parts.

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