Green Motion CEO Awarded for COVID Response

BBC and ITV presenter Jonny Nelson (left), Green Motion Founder and CEO Richard Lowden (center) Tony Murdock of TR Global Group (right).

Photo via Green Motion.

Green Motion Founder and CEO Richard Lowden has been presented with a "Lockdown Leader" Award by the SME National Business Awards for his efforts and leadership of the Green Motion global network through the pandemic.

Presented by Jonny Nelson, BBC and ITV presenter, and Tony Murdock of TR Global Group, Lowden received his award at the event at Wembley Stadium in London last week.

"Being a leader of people and an organisation is a difficult task at any time but steering a ship through a COVID storm requires someone to take charge, make decisions and provide clear direction," SME National Business Awards organizers said in a statement. "The finalists for this award kept their team motivated and informed despite everyone working from home, and have continued to inspire and show passion and optimism in exceptionally difficult circumstances." 

"The last 18 months have been extremely challenging for our network, along with the entire travel sector, and I am incredibly proud of my team's efforts during the pandemic not just to keep our business going, but to actually grow — expanding our international network, as well as leading our industry as the first international car rental brand to introduce and implement a standardised set of safety measures right across our global network, designed to ensure the security and well being of our valued customers and staff," Lowden said. 

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