Give a 1-Year MotorTrend+ Gift Subscription and Enter for a Chance to Win the Roadkill Bubble Project Car!

It’s that time of year again, and the gearheads in your life never make holiday shopping easy. Engine blocks and exhaust pipes are hard to fit under trees, and used and classic car prices are at all-time highs. MotorTrend+ is making holiday gift giving easy this year: For only $35.99 you can gift your favorite gearhead one full year of MotorTrend+ streaming with the 1-year MotorTrend+ Gift Subscription!

That includes every episode of everyone’s favorite MotorTrend+ originals, like Roadkill, Faster With Finnegan, and Motor MythBusters. But, wait, there’s more! The full series of favorite shows from MotorTrend TV—Wheeler Dealers, Bitchin’ Rides, Texas Metal, and more—are also ready for bingeing on MotorTrend+. 

MotorTrend+ has thousands of hours of automotive-themed entertainment from classics like the entire Speed Racer series, to exclusive coverage of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. For the discounted price of only $35.99 for 1 year (that’s 40-percent off the regular price), you can give a 1-Year MotorTrend+ Gift Subscription to all your MotorFriends!

Win the Roadkill Bubble Project Car by Entering to Win the Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes!

We do everything we can to give back to our dear fans at MotorTrend, and this holiday season is no different. By giving your favorite gearhead the 1-Year MotorTrend+ Gift Subscription, you’ll receive not 1 but 3 entries into the Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes! The grand prize? Just the Roadkill Bubble project car! We’re giving away swag, too! Five 1st Prize winners will receive a Roadkill prize pack consisting of a work shirt, hat, and magnet. 2nd Prize winners will receive all three of the Hot Wheels Roadkill Collectors Edition die-cast cars—that’s the Rotsun, the rusty 1971 Datsun 240Z the Rostun started out as, and the legendary General Mayhem Dodge Charger.

The Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes only runs from November 19, 2021, to January 3, 2022! There are no limits to the number of entries per person, and for every $10 you spend at the MotorTrend Store, you’ll receive another entry into the Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes!* C’mon, you need a General Mayhem T-shirt to go with your Roadkill coffee mug.

*No purchase necessary, must 18 years or older to enter, not valid in Alaska or Hawaii, click here for official rules.

How to Give the 1-Year MotorTrend+ Gift Subscription

It’s simple! Click here, and enter your recipient’s name and email address and your name as the sender.  Within 48 hours of purchase, your recipient will receive a redemption code they can use to sign up for 1 year of MotorTrend+ streaming. There’s no catch, either; we won’t automatically renew the 1-Year MotorTrend+ Gift Subscription.

CLICK HERE to give your favorite car enthusiast a full year of MotorTrend+ streaming for only $35.99 with the 1-Year MotorTrend+ Gift Subscription!

What Is the Roadkill Bubble Project Car?

Don’t call it a Donk or a Box, even though those could be Caprices as well. The Roadkill Bubble project car—Bubblicious, as Mike Finnegan refers to it—is a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 retired police vehicle. Then it was a taxi. Then someone lifted it, threw on some 26-inch wheels, and gave it a radical custom paint job and interior, as is the style with any big-wheel or high-rise car. That’s when the team at Drift This brought it into the MotorTrend stable—and turned it into a nitrous-guzzling, tire-melting drift car.

Before long, the pink and purple Caprice was in the hands of Roadkill, where it has been subjected to off-roading, jumping, drag racing, excessive amounts of nitrous, and the Holiday Hooptie Challenge, where Lucky Costa literally drove the wheels off it (don’t worry—HOT ROD Tech Center manager Calin Head repaired all that damage, long ago). The Roadkill Bubble project car could be yours! All you have to do is enter the Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes. Entering is simple: Give a fellow car enthusiast the 1-Year MotorTrend+ Gift Subscription, and you’ll receive 3 entries! Then head over to the MotorTrend Store to pick up some of your favorite Roadkill merch, and receive one additional entry for every $10 spent.

Special Deals Only Available on the MotorTrend Store!

Have you ever wanted a 1950 Ford dump truck that could do wheelstands? How about the most iconic and longest-running magazine project car in history: HOT ROD’s 1957 Chevy known as Project X? We think you’re more of a classic Mopar lover, so we’ll give you a chance to own Roadkill’s Vanishing Paint Dodge Challenger, too. No, not the real cars (you probably don’t have space for the real Stubby Bob), but as collectors pins!

Did you miss out on your chance to get the Hot Wheels Roadkill Collector Edition die-cast Rotsun and rusty 1971 Datsun 240Z cars with a 1-year subscription to MotorTrend+? We’ve got you covered there, too. Find all these great deals and more, only on the MotorTrend Store. For every $10 spent during the Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes—November 19, 2021, to Janurary 3, 2022—you’ll receive 1 entry for a chance to win the Roadkill Bubble project car! Hurry, supplies are limited!

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