‘Getting 14 mpg more’: Driver’s fuel hack is slashing her petrol costs – ‘massive saving’

Fuel prices: Cost to fill average family car to hit £100

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She gave followers an update, after switching to using E5 petrol six months ago. The business owner has amassed over 25,000 views on a video discussing her decision. The Briton, Jade, said: “I’ve been using Premium Unleaded the whole time and today I’ve seen some really good results.

“This is what using premium fuel over time does – and it’s summer, which apparently helps.”

She pointed to her dashboard display and said: “Can you see that? 60.1 miles per gallon.”

“I was questioning, why am I getting such bad miles per gallon? (Then) I got 46 miles per gallon.

“So, I’m currently getting 14 miles per gallon more than I did back then.”

She explained last summer she was getting 56mpg, and so has seen a big improvement.

“Spending that little bit more, it’s is eight pence more expensive per litre, has a massive saving in the end. I really recommend it.

“We’re all feeling the cost of living right now. It’s so expensive. Fuel is more expensive than it’s ever been. So, hopefully, this video will help people.”

What is the difference between E5 and E10 fuel?

E10 is a relatively new fuel for UK drivers, which is more environmentally friendly. It was rolled out across the UK in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.

While E5 contains five percent ethanol and 95 percent fossil fuels, E10 contains 10 percent ethanol.

Not all cars are compatible with E10, however, petrol cars made after 2011 will be.

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Be very careful if you have an older car. E10 could damage it, so be judicious before swapping.

E5, now referred to as premium unleaded, is more expensive than E10. E10 costs the same as standard unleaded.

The Government has claimed there is only a one percent reduction in fuel economy switching from E5 to E10.

A number of drivers agreed with Jade’s experience using E5, however.

One agreed and wrote: “E10 screwed my car up (it’s old). Been using premium and everything is sweet.”

One said: “E10 would have to cost under £1.50 a litre right now to make it worthwhile over E5 at £2 right now, let that sink in.”

Jade suggested another petrol tip too, being careful about where you top up.

She said: “I decided to stop off at a petrol station, rather than filling up where I live because it’s expensive.

“I decided to fill up in Portsmouth on the way and I saved myself seven pence per litre for the exact same fuel.

“Even though that might sound obvious, it’s always worth thinking about where you’re driving to and knowing sort of fuel prices there.”

Another fuel hack found an easy way drivers can use 20 percent less petrol and save money. 

Britons will “use up less fuel” by rolling their windows up over certain speeds – even during a heatwave.

TikTok account Driving Test Success said: “Avoid rolling the windows down (at higher speeds).

“Despite popular belief, if you’re travelling at higher speeds, wind resistance can cost more on fuel than AC!”

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