Gentari EV charging hub at Bangi Golf Resort coming in December, with 120 kW Kempower Satellite DC units –

At the launch of Southeast Asia’s first 350 kW DC fast charger at X Park Sunway Serene in the Sungai Way Free Trade Industrial Zone yesterday, clean energy solutions provider Gentari took the opportunity to offer a preview of its upcoming EV charging hub at Bangi Golf Resort.

Like the hub at X Park Sunway Serene, the Bangi hub is being developed by Gentari together with EV Connection (EVC). When it goes live sometime in mid-December, the new EV charging site will offer a mix of DC and AC charging. The hub will also see the debut of Finnish-designed Kempower Satellite chargers in their first market application in the country.

The Gentari/EVC hub at Bangi will feature three Satellite SCC5ES charging stands operating as DC units. These offer four DC outlets in total (one with two guns, other two with a single gun), with a C500 power unit housed nearby, offering a total of 200 kW in the initial phase.

The Kempower units work on a dynamic distribution basis for their output. During the testing phase, Gentari has set the maximum output at 120 kW, which is what is available per gun if only a single car is charging.

If two or three cars are charging at the same time, the system serves its output on a first-in-line basis, meaning that the first car gets most of the kW, but dynamic distribution means that supply will be automatically redistributed to other guns as the percentage of charge increases on the first car. The minimum output (or charge resolution) is 20 kW for the last car in the queue, again increasing in relation to the charge status on the other vehicles in the grid.

Like at X Park, the Bangi hub will also have an

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