GALLERY: 2019 Art of Speed – something for everyone

Creative expression comes in many forms, and many of them were on show at this year’s Art of Speed (AoS) exhibition. This year marks the eighth iteration of the annual event, and while the display line-up spans a variety of mediums, the main draw of the show has always been the bevy of customised or special automobiles.

Just like in previous iterations of the AoS, guests that made their way to the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Selangor (MAEPS) over the July 27-28 weekend were not disappointed, with two halls packed with vehicles. Whether it is built for performance, to be striking, or purely to express the owner’s personality, there was something for every one.

In Hall A, a Nova Sterling kit car was among the first few vehicles that welcomed visitors with its outrageous styling that featured a “door” that sees the entire roof life up to provide entry. The body itself is actually fitted on an original 1972 Volkswagen Beetle body, and is furnished with plenty of custom items like aluminium seats and 15-inch Monster Wheels.

Alongside the Nova was a hot rod powered by a Mercedes-Benz-sourced 5.0 litre V8, as well as a Toyota KE30 and Nissan Sunny Truck that are beautifully modified and finished in vibrant colours.

Both sides of the main hall also had its share of display bikes and cars from various manufacturers that grabbed attention, with one of the stars for us being a KPGC-10 Nissan Skyline GT-R, or Hakosuka.

Over at Hall C, the NEAT Fest organised by local outfit NoEqual saw a selection of cars that many of us idolised when growing up. Highlights include the BMW M3 line-up the ranged from the E30 to the current F80, the Honda Type R models, and even performance-focused Protons like the limited edition C99 Wira “tiang gol.”

Also not left out are the “legends” like the A80 Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III, Honda NSX, Honda S2000 and a Ford Escort Cosworth RS, among others.

Yet again, the Art of Speed exhibition serves as a good platform to showcase the endearing motoring culture we have in our little part of the world. If you missed the 2019 edition, we’ve got your back with a 190-photo gallery for you to browse through as you wait for next year’s event. Enjoy, and hope to see you next year.

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