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Alongside Mazda’s teaser for its upcoming inline-six cylinder engine seen within the company’s financial results presentation, it also appears that the Japanese brand will be releasing its upcoming crossover model with hybrid powertrain components shared from Toyota.

The Toyota Hybrid System will be used in an SUV that will be built at the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA (MTMUS) production facility in Huntsville, Alabama from 2021, as part of a business and capital alliance that was signed in 2017 between the two automakers.

The Alabama plant will have manufacturing capacity of 300,000 units, with 150,000 of this sum being allocated for the crossover that will first be launched for the United States market. The remaining half of the production capacity will be allocated to the Toyota Corolla.

Mazda’s plan for THS-equipped products will go into several markets. In addition to the aforementioned US-built SUV, the European market will also be offered an ‘OEM-supplied’ hybrid model that is based on the Yaris, and Mazda also plans to use its CO2 pool that is shared with Toyota. A THS-equipped model is also planned for the China market, although the automaker had not indicated which model this will be.

In addition to this hybridised inline-four and the new inline-six powerplant, the Japanese brand will be taking on ‘multiple electrification technologies’ with rotary engine technology as part of its plan for the next two years, according to its financial results presentation.

A rotary engine has already been set for range extender duties in the electric Mazda MX-30, which will also be offered in e-Skyactiv G mild-hybrid form. This latter version is what’s planned for Malaysia in the first quarter of 2021.

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