‘Furious’: Residents shocked as cars hoisted for yellow line painting then given tickets

Traffic wardens caught parking on double yellow lines

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The car owners in Blackthorn close, Wokingham were appalled to come back to their vehicles to find they had been lifted by contractor Volker Highways. To add insult to injury they were then issued fines for parking on the freshly painted double yellow lines.

Wokingham borough council, while apologising to the residents, attempted to defend the actions by saying that it was the residents themselves who had asked for the yellow lines to be implemented.

Shirley Boyt, Labour councillor for Bulmershe and Whitegates said: “I think residents are incredulous. Some people were just laughing because it was so bizarre, they couldn’t actually believe what had occurred.

“And yes we do want the double yellow lines because we have had problems with people parking for long-term, we’ve had commercial vehicles parking in this road and it’s a very small road.

“The residents themselves welcome the double yellow lines, but nobody would have wanted those people to have been given a parking ticket when they haven’t done anything wrong.”

Wokingham council said they have launched an investigation into the event and asked those affected to appeal the tickets that were issued in order to have them cancelled.

But the residents don’t feel they were given any notice of the work and so weren’t able to move their cars.

Don Barwick, who lives in the close said: “I’m fine with the parking restrictions, it’s just that there was no real notice and certainly nothing to say that it was going to be done on this day, so people would have parked here without knowing.

“My wife was looking out of the window and noticed there was a big lorry with a sort of crane on it, and they were lifting the cars out of the way.”

“They were lifting the cars then painting the yellow lines where the cars had been, and then putting the cars back down again,” he continued.

“I phoned the council and said I wasn’t happy about what had happened. It didn’t affect me as we have a parking space, but I didn’t feel it was right that cars that had been parked where they were legally allowed to had then been ticketed.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are sorry for this situation. This incident was caused by an unfortunate coincidence that our parking enforcement contractors happened to be in the area shortly after the double yellow lines had been painted.

“We have different contractors for painting the lines and for parking enforcement.”

“Residents in Blackthorn Close had requested the double yellow lines and our contractors had been out previously to paint them but had been unable to because of parked cars,” continued the spokesperson.

“Cones were meant to be put out in advance to prevent cars parking on the area to be painted. We have been informed by our contractor today that on this occasion, they did not put the cones out.

“We will be taking this up with our contractor and reviewing our internal processes to ensure this does not happen again

“We are very sorry that parking fines have been issued in this case.”

Double yellow lines mean that parking and waiting isn’t allowed at any time, even if there are no signs present.

There may be signs to show exceptions during certain times, but they don’t illustrate what days the restrictions are in force – meaning they apply every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays.

There may be white boxes along a route with double yellow lines, in which drivers can park during the hours indicated and for a specified amount of time.

According to UK law, anyone given a ticket for parking on double yellow lines can appeal it if they feel the markings weren’t clear enough, for instance if they are very faded. However that isn’t always a valid excuse and could be rejected by the council in question.

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