Furious driver charged 122 times due to faulty car park machine

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A driver has been left furious after he was charged 122 times by a faulty car park machine. As a result, Andy Gynn, 40, lost over £600 from his bank account. The incident took place in Worcester and turned out to be one of many.

Mr Gynn, a restaurant owner, saw 122 transactions worth £610 drain from his bank account over a period of three days.

The driver only realised when he was informed that he entered an unarranged overdraft.

Mr Gynn said: “I’ve had a total of 122 transactions go through after the last three days putting all the accounts into unarranged overdrafts.

“I’m due to go on holiday and can’t access any of my accounts, which is more than an inconvenience.

“I feel frustrated, anxious and very stressed. I feel helpless. My banks have cancelled my card but can’t stop the offline transactions from happening.”

Mr Gynn added that he was forced to pay extra costs for his holiday as he was trying to deal with the situation over multiple days and was blocked from his bank accounts.

He continued: “If the boot was on the other foot and I owed the council money, I’d be getting charged daily interest and admin charges.”

The incident involving Mr Gynn was not a one-off. It later turned out that several other drivers had similar issues across Worcester.

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Rod Barlow, 33, was left thinking that his bank account was hacked after he noticed a number of unfamiliar transactions.

Mr Barlow claimed that he was charged £180 and £200 after 33 transactions were made after he parked in the city’s Newport Street car park.

He said: “I realised I had gone into my overdraft and I knew that didn’t sound right.

“I have never parked in St Martins Gate, but the tickets are addressed to that car park.

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“My first reaction was I thought I was being scammed. I contacted my bank immediately.

“They told me they can’t stop the money from going out because the money is being taken out from a pre-set date.”

Mr Barlow continued: “It is frustrating when you see money dripping out of your account. Nobody is going to park in the same car park nine times a day.

“I’m physically seeing money going out of my account and it’s just the fact that it’s multiple transactions every day.”

When asked about the issue, Worcester City Council admitted that they are in touch with the company that is in charge of the faulty parking machines.

A spokesperson said: “We have been assured that no further duplicate payments are being processed.

“We are working closely with the card payment processor and card machine operator, to get to the bottom of this issue.

“Whilst the cause of the problem is not yet clear, the council would like to assure customers that all incorrect payments will be refunded as soon as we are able.”

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