Frost and ice on car windscreen could see drivers fined £60 and insurance invalidated

Car hack: De-ice windscreen with unusual trick

Frost and ice can completely cover car windscreens which blocks road vision and prevents drivers from seeing basic road hazards. Motorists must make sure their glass windscreen and mirrors are fully clear before setting off to ensure they do not get caught out by the penalties.

Speaking exclusively to, Daniel Briggs, spokesperson for road experts at Motorfinity, has revealed it is “important” motorists take the time to look after their vehicles.

Mr Briggs has confirmed insurance could become invalidated if you’re involved in an accident with a misty windscreen as drivers would not have been aware of the road dangers.

He said: “As we approach the coldest part of the year, and the looming threat of snow and ice hangs over our heads, it’s important that motorists take time to properly clear their windscreens.

“[Drivers must] remove any obstructions such as hanging dice or car fragrance diffusers.

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“Icy, dirty or grime-covered windscreens land you with a fine from the police for lack of visibility.

“You could also see yourself having to pay-out if you cause an accident as your insurance might not be valid.”

According to the RAC, failing to properly clean the windscreen could see drivers issued a fixed penalty notice under the CU20 penalty code.

Motorists will be issued charges for using a vehicle with parts in a dangerous condition which could result in fines of up to £60.

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Three penalty points will also be issued onto a driving licence while penalties can rise in some cases where motorists are considered to have put other road users at severe risk.

Mr Briggs confirmed the driver must clear the entire windscreen before heading off and cannot get away with simply chipping away a small gap in the frost.

This is because road users may be unable to see vital road hazards which could lead to road users accidentally driving into other cars.

He told “Avoid simply clearing a small area of the windscreen, too.

“Having only a small area to look through means you won’t have full visibility of the road surface and oncoming traffic which could lead to an accident.

“It is also worth noting that it is against the law to drive anywhere without having cleaned or wiped every glass panel on your vehicle, if driving in adverse conditions.

“With colder mornings now well and truly here, it’s worth getting up a little earlier ahead of the commute to ensure plenty of time to clear the whole screen and windows before setting off.

“Don’t forget to also wipe headlights, rear lights and your vehicle’s roof before moving off the drive, as snow could potentially fly off into the path of another car potentially putting other drivers in danger.”

How to defrost a windscreen

According to the AA, drivers can defrost their car windscreen in just minutes with five simple steps.

They say drivers should first check their wipers are not frozen to the glass and then switch on the engine.

This helps blow warm air onto the windscreen and speeds up melting the frost and ice from the screen.

Drivers should then sweep off any snow and then scrape the windows with a de-icer while they wait for their car’s interior to heat up.

They also warn drivers to not drive off until all the glass has been completely cleared to avoid facing penalties.

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