Ford CEO: I'd Have A Mach-E As My Third Car After Bronco, Mustang

Ford CEO Jim Farley wastes no opportunity talking about the company’s all-electric future, but when it comes to his own garage, EVs don’t seem to be a big priority. Here’s what the executive had to say during a segment with Yahoo Finance.

“I think, for me as a car guy, I’m excited about driving my Mach-E. I’m not giving up my ’73 Bronco or my Mustang 5.0-liter coupe, but, you know, if I have a third vehicle in the household, it’s probably going to be a Mach-E.”

Now, no one can say Jim Farley has bad taste in cars; quite the contrary. The 1973 Ford Bronco is a very popular classic off-roader and the Mustang pony car is an automotive icon regardless of the generation it’s from (okay, maybe not the second).

However, the fact that a V8 Mustang (he didn’t mention the model year) occupies a higher spot in his garage hierarchy than the all-electric Mustang Mach-E offers an indication of Farley’s perception of electric cars.

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For all the marketing effort Ford has put into convincing people that the Mach-E is a true Mustang—despite the fact that it’s a battery-powered crossover—Jim Farley’s remarks seem to suggest that he’s not quite convinced of that.

While the CEO’s statement hints at him looking to own a Mustang Mach-E in the near future, that doesn’t seem to be a certainty at the moment. 

Of course, one must take into account that most of the money Ford makes at the moment comes from ICEs, and it wouldn’t be wise from a financial perspective to tell people to stop buying gas-powered Fords. Still, a little more enthusiasm regarding electric vehicles wouldn’t hurt.

That’s especially since Ford’s newest EVs, the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, have been received quite well by the public. The Mach-E got positive reviews and the Lightning garnered more than 150,000 reservations as of mid-September.

Source:Yahoo Finance via Teslarati

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