Flyer's L885 E-Bike Wants To Be Your Cargo-Carrying Companion

Some of you may be familiar with the Radio Flyer, a simple red wagon that a lot of us have fond childhood memories of. Well, as it turns out, the company behind this red wagon is still around, and while it continues selling red wagons, it’s also starting to make a buzz in the electric bicycle world. However, they don’t handle this booming business like the majority of their competitors do.

Similar to its red wagon, Flyer’s version on this EV type is focused on cargo carrying capacity while other manufacturers make bikes for sport, cruising, or just traveling from point A to point B. Personally, I think it’s fantastic that Flyer hasn’t forgotten about its original clientele because many of the young people who used to play with the Radio Flyer are now mature enough and financially capable of purchasing the Flyer cargo e-bike. Flyer markets their L885 electric cargo bike as a handy device that can practically take the place of your car or SUV for some of your regular chores.

Yes, it’s so versatile that it can carry passengers—two kids, to be specific, via a long passenger seat and floorboards. Making things even better, it’s compatible with certain child seats, ensuring the safety and comfort of your little ones—just make sure they’re wearing a helmet. Furthermore, you can turn your L885 into the ultimate task-ready EV by adding cargo carrier choices and accessories. With some heavy duty tie-downs, you can even go to a hardware shop to buy tools, supplies, and other heavy items. You can also carry food and parcels that you’ve picked up from the store and post office.

Because of the way Flyer designed the rear carrier, the L885’s carrying capabilities are virtually endless. A total of 181 kilograms—including the rider—can be transported on the bike with the addition of extra luggage attachments. Unsurprisingly, the L885 needs a pretty powerful battery and motor to be able to move this much cargo. A 500W continuous-output electric motor is included with the L885 as standard. According to Flyer, the 687 Wh battery will return a range just upward of 50 miles on a single charge. 

So how much are you being charged for an e-bike that may relieve your automobile of some of its duties? It’s hard to believe that Flyer is asking for no more than $2,000 USD for this practical and versatile EV.If indeed an e-bike of this capability is a fit for your lifestyle, then it goes without saying that Flyer’s L885 makes perfect sense—both in terms of its price point and its impressive features. 

Sources: AutoEvolution, Radio Flyer via YouTube

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