FASTag: All You Need To Know

In simple terms, (Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or Fastag a small tag at the top-left corner of your vehicle’s windscreen that lets you pass through all toll booths without coming to a halt. Essentially, the foremost purpose of a Fastag is to cut the travel time by eliminating the halt time at a toll booth and there quite a few benefits to it. To begin with private vehicles, people commuting in metro cities like Delhi-NCR or Mumbai and even those who often do intercity commute spend quite some time at toll booths and Fastag helps to save that time. That said, the real monetary benefit is for commercial vehicles that drive long distances or thousands of kilometres. Using a Fastag they don’t need to que up at toll booths and that can save them as much as a day which not only reduces their fuel expenses and labour wage, but also aids to offer services at a competitive rate. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fastag.

All lanes at national highways toll plazas will be converted to Fastag lanes by December 1, 2019,

Vehicles without the Fastag will be charged double the toll fee to cross the booth.

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