Fancy Like Cowboy Boots Inspired By a Fancy Ram Pickup’s Interior?

Boot-wearin’ Ram fanatics, listen up. There’s a Ram-inspired Lucchese cowboy boot that honors the craftsmanship of the luxurious 2021 Ram 1500 Limited Longhorn 10th Anniversary Edition, a truck with an interior that epitomizes American truck fanciness. That’s right, Ram and Lucchese have joined their proverbial leather hides and literal hands to offer loyal customers a cowboy boot that’s as Ram-tastic as they come.

Interestingly, inspiration for what would become the 10th Anniversary Limited Longhorn Edition’s interior actually originally came from the Ram team’s visits to various Western stores during a visit to Texas the previous decade.

“Going into a boot shop and some of the saddle shops, and seeing the attention to detail, the creativity and the uniqueness, I knew that was fundamental to get into the Longhorn and even more so, play that up on the 10th Anniversary Edition,” recounts Ryan Nagode, Chief Designer—Head of Ram Interiors.

In addition to the luxuriously leathery Limited Longhorn 10th Anniversary Edition Ram 1500 and matching Lucchese boots successfully executing practical elements like longevity and durability through extensive testing, they also exude an emotional component. Achieving that feeling, that sentiment through colors, details, even smell, were important elements taken into consideration during the design process of both the truck’s interior and the boots.

The results are products that are much richer than simply throwing leather seats into an interior or slapping together some brown cowboy boots. From the warm tones of the Mountain Brown leather-trimmed saddle-like seats and intricate laser filigree suede door bolster details of the upscale Ram, to the exact placement of the Ram and Lucchese logos on the boots, nothing is on accident. Each pair of Lucchese boots goes through 120 different pairs of hands during the process, and the Ram’s interior is the culmination of hundreds of minute decisions.

The Ram x Lucchese collection consists of five Ram-branded boots with three styles for men and two styles for women: Men’s Tooled Western Boot ($2,495 MSRP); Men’s Caiman Horseman Boot ($995 MSRP); Men’s Ostrich Horseman Boot ($745 MSRP); Ladies’ Giant Gator Western Boot ($1,395 MSRP); and Ladies’ Horseman Boot ($695 MSRP). They’re available for pre-order now.

For those not feeling the cowboy spirit, Ram has also teamed up with Wolverine to create Ram-themed boots.

We think opening the door of your new 2021 Ram 1500 Limited Longhorn 10th Anniversary Edition and finding a pair of Lucchese boots at the base of the pedals would be a courteous gesture—but we also think money should grow on trees (the way it grows nicely on leather). All trees, all seasons, all the time.

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