EVs Coming In 2022, BMW, Batteries, And More: EV News Dec. 30

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A couple of weeks ago, we were able to see the unveiling of the iX and the i4 at Schomp BMW. It was really hard to get a good look at each car due to the amount of people at the unveiling. However, the amount of attention these two vehicles garnered was impressive.

BMW is currently focused on making EVs more prominent in the near future with an emphasis on convenience related to charging. BMW believes in an open network of charging stations and will not have its own network, but has partnered with Ionity. Ionity anticipates around 7,000 charging points in Europe by 2025.

What Kind of Battery?

Whether it’s for your EV or your iPhone, most batteries used today are lithium-ion batteries. But there are other options, such as solid-state and sodium-ion. So, which battery option is the best?

When we say best, we mean the safest, most sustainable batteries with the quickest charging time at the lowest cost. You’ll have to click the link to find out, but we will let you know that sodium-ion is the cheapest due to the abundance of materials and the relatively low cost to extract. Solid-state has the fastest charging time – 80% charge in 12 minutes –and can hold up to 50% more energy compared to lithium-ion. Will lithium-ion still reign king in the near future?

Who’s Tired of 2021?

EVs aren’t quiet enough, at least according to some folks, but there may be a solution. Goodyear Tires has just released its “ElectricDrive GT” tire, specifically designed for EVs. The tire is an all-season tire with a focus on reduced noise, enhanced tread wear, and improved overall performance. 

The first available tires will come in 255/45R19 104W XL, which is the tire size for the Model Y and the Model 3.  Tesla vehicles will get the first tires, with the first set to arrive in North America in 2022. Fortunately, 2022 is almost here – Happy New Year!  

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