E10 fuel changes may have ‘unexpected effect’ on fuel pumps in fresh warning

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Motoring YouTube channel ‘Number 27’ has warned drivers fuel consumption will “go up” as a result of the changes. He warned drivers will have to “use more” of the new E10 petrol and would need to top up more regularly to get a similar mileage.

Channel host Jack said this would have the “unexpected effect” of making Super Unleaded able to offer drivers more miles than the new compound.

He said Super Unleaded had made “zero difference” to vehicles until now but warned E10 had changed this.

He said: “So this does have the unexpected effect that for the very first time I think Super Unleaded is going to give you more miles per gallon than normal Unleaded petrol.

“For a long time, the petrol manufacturers have been trying to get us to buy Super because they make more money on it.

“But the truth is in all normal cars it makes zero difference.

“It’s only if you have a really high compression engine you need the really high octane super petrol.

“But for the first time now, because in the UK Super Unleaded will be using E5 rather than E10, it has a smaller concentration of ethanol, the cars will have higher miles to the gallon.”

In the Government’s Introducing E10 petrol consultation, a small decrease in fuel consumption with E10 fuel was already predicted.

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They warned fuel economy could be reduced by around one or two percent at the very highest.

They added the overall impact of the fuel will vary based on “driving style and refinements in fuel blending”.

However, drivers were quick to raise concerns over the fuel efficiency of the new compound.

Respondents said any decrease in miles per gallon would effectively “negate any carbon savings”.

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