E10 fuel changes: Campaigners push for car tax fuel duty changes after petrol updates

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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They are calling for a reduction in the price of fuel duty on E5 petrol when it becomes the super unleaded protection grade. Up to 600,000 vehicles are set to be incompatible with the new E10 fuel and will need to continue to use E5.

But analysis from the AA suggests E5 costs will jump by over 20p per litre when it is moved to the protection grade from next week.

This means owners of classic cars could pay up to £15 extra to top up a 55-litre fuel tank.

Campaigners say reducing fuel duty costs will make sure prices “become closer to standard” costs and do not unfairly penalise certain drivers.

They said owners of classic and future classic vehicles “should not be made to pay more for fuel”.

They argued classic car owners have “very low usage” compared to many modern cars so the higher fuel costs were not justified.

The petition was set up by Mark Loveday earlier this month with the poll set to run until the start of February 2022.

He said: “[The petition aims to] reduce the fuel duty on premium E5 petrol, so prices become closer to those for standard, when E10 becomes standard at fuel pumps.

“Owners of E10 incompatible classic and future classic vehicles should not be made to pay more for fuel.

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“This should help to preserve our motoring heritage and many of these vehicles have very low usage in comparison to many more numerous modern cars.”

Almost 6,000 people have signed the petition in its first month with 10,000 needed for an official Government response.

The rule change could be considered for debate in parliament once the signature reaches 100,000 signatures.

Previously, AA spokesperson Luke Bosdet said finding affordable petrol would be a “big challenge” for classic car owners.

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