DVSA says garages can hide some MOT issues from owners as they are ‘not legally bound’

DVSA explains 2018 MOT test changes

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They confirmed garages are “not legally bound” to issue advisory notices during an examination. The DVSA said this was a “non-mandatory” part of the MOT test meaning garages did not need to disclose this.

The DVSA issued the warning after social media user Paul Laggett asked whether centres were “legally bound” to list advisories in a report.

They replied in a Tweet saying: “Hi, Advisories are a non-mandatory part of an MOT test.

“They are not legally bound to list these. Thanks.”

Mr Leggett seemed shocked at the response, simply replying “Wow.. Thanks”.

This means road users may not be given notice of things that may eventually need fixing on a vehicle.

This stops drivers from understanding which part of the car is most fragile or likely to break next.

It also prevents drivers who may decide to splash the cash ahead of a long journey or car sale to get the vehicle as good as new.

Halfords has also confirmed advisory notices are only “given at the discretion of the tester”.

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They said these would usually “vary in importance” depending on what they are given for.

Typical advisory notes could be anything from a stiff boot to early signs of corrosion.

However, they warn under-inflated tyres are commonly listed on advisory notes which do come with safety risks if they are not addressed.

Halfords warns failing to act on advisories could have “long-term implications” for the vehicle and may lead to drivers failing their next test.

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