Drivers warned fuel prices ‘likely to remain high’ with worries over E10 petrol efficiency

Petrol prices: Howard Cox calls for cuts to fuel duty

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E10 has been the standard form of unleaded fuel since September, with the Government saying at the time that the petrol change would not lead to price rises. But since then, a number of factors have led to petrol and diesel hitting their all-time record prices.

According to the RAC Foundation, petrol hit its record price in late November with drivers being set back 147.59p per litre.

Diesel prices also broke through 150p per litre, which the RAC described as a “miserable milestone”.

They also said retailers had made a “shocking” profit by continuing to increase fuel prices despite a fall in wholesale oil prices.

Ben Richardson, chief executive of SulNOx Group Plc, commented on the recent prices and how they are affecting drivers.

He said: “In recent years, drivers have been hit hard in the pocket and companies have seen their fuel costs rise significantly.

“It is easy to resign yourself to that fact and think there is nothing that can be done, but that is not the case.

“While fuel prices are likely to remain high, drivers can get more miles per gallon by looking into ways to improve combustion.”

SulNOx have tested their fuel conditioner with Scottish bus company E&M Horsburgh who operate a fleet of more than 100 vehicles.

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Ben continued: “Our revolutionary SulNOxEco Fuel Conditioners improve the combustion of light fuels including gasoline and diesel. In tests, they have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by up to eight percent.

“After recording fuel usage data before and after using SulNOxEco Fuel Conditioners, coach company E&M Horsburgh saw a remarkable increase in fuel economy of nine percent.

“This consolidates other examples including a haulage firm showing eight percent savings across a fleet that includes 27 new Euro 6 trucks, operated over 12 months and covering 1.2 million miles, and so provides extensive data.

“This shows that even with the most modern engine and exhaust technologies available, we can vastly increase efficiencies by improving the burn profile of fuels, enabling more complete combustion.”

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