Drivers warn petrol stations are ‘carnage’ as ‘dozens’ wait in line after panic buying

BP announce petrol station forecourt closures in statement

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Social media users have even reported seeing roads blocked as motorists were desperate to top up their vehicles. However, some warned mass panic buying could worsen the situation as existing petrol supplies would be stretched.

Marcus Millburn posted on Twitter: “I refuse to panic buy but when I heard about the petrol shortage I thought it would be sensible to fill up early, even though the tank was half full, just to be sure.

“When I got to the garage there were dozens in front of me panic buying.”

Twitter user Scamp Walker added: “Local village petrol station I passed earlier had 24+ people waiting to get to the pumps, with 30 people blocking one carriageway of an A road.”

Another road user said: “Well if there isn’t a petrol shortage there soon will be.

“Bloody carnage within half a mile of every garage I’ve driven past. (75 miles so that’s a fair number!). Morons.”

Sean Callaghan posted an image on Twitter of a packed Texaco garage in South Manchester this lunchtime.

He added: “Don’t panic, they said. There’ll be plenty of fuel they said. Don’t stockpile they said.


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Sean Fernyhough said: “I didn’t pass one petrol station today that didn’t have a queue. There will be a #petrolshortage now.”

Brian Donald said: “I passed six petrol stations on my way home from work at lunchtime in the outskirts of Manchester City centre only one had a moderate sized queue.”

Some road users have called for petrol stations to take action in a bid to prevent the situation becoming worse.

Twitter user JPC said: “Simple solution, make the minimum spend £30.

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