Drivers urged to check vital car part in hot weather or risk facing £100s in repair costs

What changes are being made to the Highway Code?

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Drivers have been urged to check their windscreens during heatwaves as any chips or breaks could lead to a major repair bill. The UK is facing some of its hottest weather in years and drivers have been facing increased costs.

And with fuel prices remaining high, motorists should do anything in their power to avoid unnecessary bills that can be prevented.

Windscreen experts have therefore urged drivers to check their cars as any cracks or chips could lead to bigger problems later on.

As temperatures soar across the UK, specialists say the best thing motorists can do is get chips fixed as quickly as possible.

Extreme changes can “stress” laminated glass, which reduces its strength and durability.

This can mean chips quickly become cracks, which can be incredibly dangerous to drive with.

Not only do they reduce visibility and put motorists at risk, but they can also result in fines of up to £2,500 and three penalty points

If drivers are unable to fix chips before hot weather settles in, parking in the shade and using a sun shield can help minimise the chance of potential problems.

Ed Colley, head of marketing at Autoglass, said: “In warm weather, like the blistering 35C heat expected this weekend, extreme changes in temperature can stress laminated windscreen glass, reducing its strength and durability and causing chips on windscreens to become cracks.

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“Even the smallest chip can quickly grow, impacting visibility on the road, and, if it turns into a crack, can legally require an entirely new windscreen.

“A third of drivers don’t know this, but tens of thousands of cars will have chips on their vehicle glass right now and are unwittingly risking an unwelcome maintenance bill once the heatwave has passed.

“Ideally drivers should get chips fixed before the heatwave hits, but for those that can’t, simple steps such as parking your car in the shade or using a sun shield on the outside of your windscreen can help to keep your car cool and minimise the chance of any issues.”

Due to changes in the Highway Code motorists could be fined huge sums if they fail to do adequate checks on their windscreens before driving.

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If drivers fail to maintain a proper standard of their vehicle, a range of fines could be imposed, as well as an MOT fail.

As the windscreen is arguably the most essential part of a car’s structure, it is vital to check it often for any cracks or chips which could later worsen and become dangerous.

Drivers could be easily caught out by small chips on the glass and would have to pay a hefty price.

Having a clean, strong glass window is essential to a driver’s safety, although they can be damaged by flying stone chips or loose road debris.

The small amount of damage can also dazzle or create glare for the driver when sunlight or other drivers’ headlights bounce off the glass.

It is for these reasons that these fines have been introduced, as driving with marks on your windscreen can be considered to be a motoring offence.

If driving with a cracked windscreen and an accident occurs, motorists could also be charged with a more serious driving offence for “using a vehicle in a dangerous condition”.

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