Drivers fined £100 for middle lane hogging as motorists forced to make ‘illegal’ overtakes

Surrey Police release clip of driver in middle lane

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Simon Williams, RAC road safety spokesman said middle lane hogging “needlessly causes congestion”. He added middle lane hogging also “forces” drivers to make illegal overtakes in their frustration.

Speaking to, he said: “Middle-lane hogging is often one of drivers’ biggest annoyances on the motorway as it needlessly causes congestion.

“The Highway Code makes it clear that drivers should keep left unless overtaking.

“Despite this many drivers sit in the middle lane with nothing to their inside, frustrating others by forcing them to overtake in the outside lane, or worse still illegally on the inside.

“Apart from being inconsiderate, hogging the middle lane is against the law and can result in a £100 fine and even three penalty points.”

Experts at Admiral have also warned drivers were likely to be hit with penalties for breaking the simple rule.

However, they added fines could dramatically rise if a case is considered so bad it is sent to court.

They said: “If you’re caught unnecessarily sitting in the middle lane, you could be handed an on-the-spot fine of £100 and three penalty points for careless driving.

“If the case goes to court, the maximum penalty is £5,000 and up to nine points on your licence.”

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The RAC has previously warned middle lane hogging can lead to higher congestion on the roads.

They said this was because traffic funnels through the outside lane which is usually designated for those who are hoping to overtake.

However, the RAC has previously admitted there are times when middle lane hogging “might be justified”.

They said it could be allowed during periods of heavy traffic or when approaching a slip road.

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