Drivers could crack their car windscreen when defrosting vehicle after ‘common mistake’

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Frost and ice must be cleared before drivers set off on a journey but motorists could damage their car by rushing to clear the cover. Experts at Rooster Insurance said pouring boiling water was the issue and “should be avoided”.

They urge drivers to let the hot water cool before applying to their windscreen to minimise any possible damage.

They said: “Before you set off, make sure your windscreen is clean and clear.

“A common mistake that many drivers make when trying to melt ice is pouring boiling water directly onto their windscreen.

“This can cause your windscreen to crack so is something to be avoided.

“Instead, opt for useful tools such as de-icer and an ice scraper to clean your windows.

“If you do need to use any water, allow time for the water to cool after boiling before pouring onto the windscreen.”

The AA has confirmed drivers have a “real risk” of damaging their vehicles using hot water.

The glass can expand quickly when hot or warm water first touches it.

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Glass will usually contact quickly too when it cools down making the glass flex.

It’s this flex which can make the glass crack, especially if the glass had chips or cracks in it already.

A survey from the AA found just two percent of people admitted to doing this on their own vehicles.

However, young people aged between 18 and 24 were twice as likely to do so than the general population.

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