Driver clings onto mattress as it sits on moving car roof

Liverpool: Driver and passenger cling to mattress on car in Leasowe

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A driver and passenger were spotted clinging to a mattress as it sat on the moving car’s roof.

The bizarre incident was filmed by a concerned road user.

The red Citroen was travelling through Leasowe, Merseyside, on February 26.

At one point, the grip of those holding the mattress appears to slip, causing the large object to almost fly off onto the road.

The man filming the incident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Rear passenger and driver holding it on.”

While another person added: “And if that came off the roof it could cause a nasty accident. Such stupidity.”

“Wow that is so dangerous, how can they drive while holding onto that?” another person said.

Guidance on attaching items to a car roof for storage in the UK states that the items “must be securely attached to the roof of a car, either by straps or a fixed rigid metal frame.”

The roof storage must also not obstruct the driver’s vision of distract their attention in any way.

The penalty for being in breach of these rules could be a hefty fine and up to six points on a driving licence.

The Highway Code states that: “You must secure your load and it must not stick out dangerously.

“The airflow will try to lift the front of any long load so you’ll need a secure fixing holding the front of the load down.”

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