Downey’s Dream Cars Features Classics With a Green Twist

Downey’s Dream Cars, an upcoming reality series on Max (formerly HBO Max, and part of MotorTrend parent company Warner Bros. Discovery’s constellation of media brands), just dropped its first trailer. The show will debut on June 22 with two episodes, and follows Robert Downey Jr. on an adventure of sorts as he customizes some of the classic cars and trucks he loves … mainly by ripping out or electrifying their internal combustion powertrains.

That’s because RDJ is a bit of an environmentalist, and has struggled to reconcile his love of classic iron with the work he’s done outside of acting tackling climate change. Through Downey’s Dream Cars, a team of fabricators worked to decarbonize a portion of the fleet that RDJ’s spent decades acquiring.

In the trailer, we see a few of these cars before, during, and after their transitions—mainly to EV power, although there’s an exception in a particularly funny scene in the trailer where RDJ’s son spoils a surprise with a prescient guess about biodiesel. It seems that RDJ’s C2 Corvette Stingray convertible will get an electric powertrain, his fifth-gen El Camino goes off-roading, and a classic Buick Riviera will get some sort of hybrid powertrain. No word on whether his Boss 302, shown at SEMA a while back, will go under the grinder.

There are also explosions, a kid in a pink cowboy hat in a golf cart, and lots of dramatic looks from the team of fabricators and mechanics facing as-of-yet unspecified problems during the show. And an explosion, of something—hopefully not the beautiful VW Bus shown rolling out of a chuckling seller’s garage. All will be revealed as the show rolls out—two episodes per week, no less—starting on June 22 on the Max streaming service.

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