‘Don’t buy it’: E10 petrol causing cars to ‘falter’ as drivers continue to see fuel issues

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E10 petrol was introduced in September and many drivers have experienced issues with the new fuel ever since. Many have reported seeing worse fuel economy as well as a host of engine problems.

It is believed the high ethanol content in the petrol can sometimes corrode rubber seals in the car.

One Express.co.uk reader had found that E10 was having an impact on how the car runs.

SirWalterRaleigh claimed: “There are times when my car falters at start off.

“This never happened before E10. The car is four years old.”

Another reader using the handle REDTOON1892 commented they and many others in their area had switched back to E5.

They said: “Exactly right, my fuel bill went up £25 a month.

“Gone back to E5 as it is now available again at our local filling station.

“[The petrol station owner] had to start stocking it again or go bust as his customers including me sought out stations that still sold it.”

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Similarly, another Express user found that their local petrol station had also had problems with E10.

The reader claimed: “The local petrol station sells E5, E10, diesel and LPG.

“Having just filled up my LPG and added some E5, I asked the cash till lady ‘Do you sell much E10 fuel’.

“She said ‘We did at first, but now people buying petrol are back to buying E5, people complain about the E10, they don’t like it’.

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