Dealers Selling 15 Titan Trucks A Month Getting $60,000 From Nissan

That’s a pretty straightforward deal.

It takes two to tango – that adage applies well with vehicle sales. On one hand, the automaker needs to make good products that sit well with consumers. On other hand, dealers can also do more effort in selling the cars, and that’s in the form of promos, marketing, and everything in between.

This month, it seems like Nissan wants to up the ante by offering a major incentive to its dealers – something that’s directly affected by the number of trucks they sell.

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According to a recent program bulletin brought to light by CarsDirect, the Japanese automaker is offering a cash incentive for every Nissan Titan they sell. The incentive hikes as the number of units sold increases, which follows the breakdown below.

Dealers that will sell three to five trucks will be paid $1,500 per unit by Nissan. Those that can sell six to 12 units of the half-ton Titan get a bigger $2,500 bonus per truck. Selling more than 13 units and above entitles the dealer to a $4,000 incentive per truck.

A quick math shows us that when a dealer sells 15 units of Nissan Titan, a $60,000 incentive awaits. One of the conditions is that the trucks should be sold within December with a retroactive system to the first truck sold. The payout will come in the form of dealer cash.

The dealership can then turn that incentive into a discount to offer a lower price tag to probable buyers, or they may also keep the money as a profit. In any case, it’s a win-win for the dealership, but of course, it will still depend on how well the dealership can sell.



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