Common petrol station mistake increases fuel costs by £179

Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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Drivers have been warned about a common petrol station mistake that may increase costs by £179. Thousands of motorists across the UK will look to save money in the next few months with fuel prices remaining high. The latest RAC Fuel Watch indicates that drivers will have to pay 162.32p per litre of unleaded and 180.45 per litre of diesel on average. 

With that in mind, experts at one of the UK’s leading price comparison websites, have offered car owners advice on how to make their fuel go further with simple adjustments to their driving habits.

With fuel prices and living costs at record highs, households are looking to cut their monthly expenses and improving fuel efficiency is a good way to help stretch the budget.

The experts said: “Obviously, motorists are advised to avoid expensive petrol stations and search for the cheapest prices, for example, it may be more cost-effective to fill the tank at an independent retailer – so best check online for the nearest locations before setting off and include them as part of an upcoming journey before the fuel level hits low.”

They added that drivers should not choose premium fuel over standard. Retailers often claim that premium fuel offers performance and economic advantages and can even protect the engine.

In reality, unless driving a performance vehicle, drivers are unlikely to see many improvements – but they will pay an average of 10p more per litre.

By sticking to standard unleaded, drivers can save themselves £179.14 per year.

Greg Wilson, the founder of, said: “Frugal drivers can get the maximum mileage from the fuel tank by incorporating money-saving driving techniques into their everyday journeys.

“Eco-driving can have a huge impact on how much money you spend at the petrol pump.

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“Besides choosing the cheapest petrol station and the right speed, there are a number of other simple tricks that can help you make fuel go further, including decluttering the boot and checking tyre pressure.”

Remove excess weight

The heavier the car, the harder the engine has to work, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Drivers should make sure to declutter their car and clear out the boot to reduce some weight.

Regular maintenance

Keeping the car in good condition ensures that the vehicle runs efficiently which also helps fuel economy.

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It may be a bit costly to service the car, but it can save drivers a lot of money in the long run.

Drive smoothly

Sudden braking and speeding up burns more fuel and that’s why it’s important to gauge the flow of traffic.

Gentle acceleration and steady speed ensure the most economical use of fuel.

Change gears as early as possible

Switching into the highest possible gear keeps the revs low which saves petrol.

For example, at a 40 mph speed, the car will consume 25 percent more fuel in third gear compared to fifth.

Under normal conditions, the gears should be changed when the revs are between 1,500-2,000 rpm.

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