Clearing frost from windscreen could cause massive damage to cars this winter – ‘unsafe’

De-icing car windscreen using BIZARRE trick

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With winter weather making its presence known in the UK already, drivers are preparing for freezing temperatures over the coming days, weeks and months. After Storm Arwen brought strong winds, heavy rain and snow to much of the UK, motorists will be wary of further extreme weather.

When it comes to removing frost from car windscreens, most people will use a traditional scraper or a de-icing solution.

These are generally accepted to be the most common ways of clearing frost in the mornings, although some drivers use more unconventional methods.

Many home remedies have also been debated, including using a mixture of salt and water, using vodka and even root vegetables. 

Richard Bruce, Motoring Director of Halfords, urged drivers to use caution when clearing their windscreens this winter.

Speaking to, he said: “To maximise visibility when driving in more difficult conditions, make sure windscreens are completely clear.

“As well as being unsafe, failure to do so can also result in a fine of up to £1000, disqualification, and three points on drivers’ licenses

“When dealing with a frosty windscreen it’s important to ensure you’re de-icing your car in a safe way.

“We see some motorists use boiling water which is unsafe and can lead to the windscreen cracking.

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“The safest way to effectively de-ice the windscreen is with a windscreen scraper or de-icer.”

By pouring hot water onto the windscreen, it increases the risk of the windscreen being damaged.

The extreme temperature change can crack or shatter the glass.

The runoff from the boiling water can also cause further issues with the vehicle as it can damage the paintwork by melting the protective wax layer on the paint.

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