Classic car owners may face £500 bill ahead of E10 fuel changes in September

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Owners of older classics will be hit with the highest bills to replace ageing parts to run on new E10 fuel when it is launched from September. A new report from Go Compare warns the cost of replacing parts will “vary depending on the make and model”.

However, they warn older classics are likely to be hit with higher costs for parts and more expensive labour charges.

They say a classic 1963 Jaguar E-Type could cost £517 to replace parts to run on E10 fuel.

Parts would cost around £85 while older models will need as many as nine hours to complete the updates.

With labour costs averaging at around £48 per hour, Go Compare says this would work out at £432.

In comparison, a 1973 MkIII Mini would cost just £222 to upgrade with parts costing £30 and labour averaging out at £222.

Meanwhile, the experts claim a 1983 Ford Capri MKIII would cost around £280 to upgrade.

A more modern 1993 Mazda MX-5 has much cheaper upgrade fees with experts suggesting this could cost just £169.

Parts would be around £25 as these are much more accessible while installing the updates would only take a few hours.

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Go Compare said: “The cost of replacing parts will vary depending on the make and model of your classic car, as well as, crucially, the additional charge for labour if you take it to a garage.

“On average, it will cost £297 to upgrade a classic car for E10 fuel via a specialist mechanic. That means it could cost more than £178.2m to update every affected car in Britain.”

Up to 600,000 cars are expected to be incompatible with new E10 fuel when it is launched in two weeks.

Current E5 fuel will continue to be sold as the protection ‘super unleaded’ grade in most garages.

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